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A tutorial for EMAT 6680

My assignments


In assignments 1-3, we explore sine functions and quadratic functions.

In assignments 4 and 6, we explore the medians of a triangle, the centroid, and the triangle constructed by the medians of a given triangle.

In assignment 8, we explore the orthocenter of a triangle and the ratio of line segments on the lines containing the altitudes, divided by the orthocenter.

In assignment 9, we explore pedal triangles when the pedal point is on one of the centers of a given triangle.

In assignment 7, we explore tangent circles.

In assignment 5, I listed a few useful GSP script tools for constructing diagrams.

In assignment 10 and 11, we explore parametric equations and polar equations.

In assignment 12, we explore the Fibonacci Sequence using the spreadsheet.

 Assignment 1:

Sine functions and sinusoids

Assignment 2:

Quadratic functions and parabolas

Assignment 3:

Assignment 4:

Medians of a triangle

Assignment 5:

GSP script tools

Assignment 6:

Triangle of medians

Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles

Assignment 8:

The orthocenter of a triangle

Assignment 9:

Pedal Triangles

 Assignment 10:

Parametric Equations

Assignment 11:

Polar Equations

Assignment 12:

Exploring the Fibonacci Sequence

Click on each title of the assignment to open the page.

Final assignment

1. Rational functions

2. Square inscribed in a semicircle

3. The cycloid

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