Something About Me

Leighton McIntyre

I am finally here after a 14-hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale (that must have been real slow) , a five hour wait at the airport, and a one and a half hour flight from Jamaica. Whew, prior to that a 3 month stay in Jamaica, a one hour and a half flight from Ft Lauderdale, a 12 hour drive from Lancaster. Yes, so this is Leighton at the University of Georgia, from Jamaica, via South Carolina and many other places.

Born and raised in beautiful Jamaica, West Indies or Caribbean if you choose, I am the fourth child of Samuel and Fay McIntyre. I have four brothers; William, Dave, Krishta, and Gairy. I also have three sisters; Verona, Lesline and Colleen (deceased). So I hail from a pretty large family.

I am married to Valsie. The union produced three children; Jabari, Jemila and Jamal. This family is not as large as the one my parents made but we are quite happy. My family is very supportive of whatever educational activities I choose to engage in. They have accompanied me to all the different places that I had the opportunity to visit while on educational assignments.

So yes, I am a teacher by choice and has been that way ever since I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I want to make the classroom a better place for students and I believe that technology is the way to go. By technology I mean digital and electronic tools that can enhance learning and teaching. That is why I endeavor to learn as much as I can about it while at this university, so that I can help others to develop the knowledge.

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