BRENT ROBERTSON-Write up 12 Spreadsheets

I chose to do the guitar string problem because I have played guiter for 28 years and I am fascinated by the mathematical relationships of musical instruments. In addition to looking at the relationship between fret number and string length we will also record the frequency of the notes that are produced by playing a note on that particular string. I hope to see a relative change involving the twelth root of two given that a western musical scale is divided into 12 half steps and we will look at the frequency between any two consecutive frets (notes).

The bridge to the string nut is the part of the string that vibrates and creates the sounds. We will measure that on my 1989 Fender Stratocaster. We will measure using centimeters. The string nut will be called the zero fret.


Dreamwaver died before I could save at 7:20PM. I'll have to link this write up using the website I set up for the class.