Kick the ball Kick the ball Kick that ball!

Has the new goal post width changed the game in kicking a college football?


Important Information:

Length of Football Field: 120 yards

Width of Field: 53 1/3 yards

Width of Hash Marks: 13 1/3 yards

Width of Goalposts: 6 1/5 yards

Let us construct the football field using the above measurements and proportions.

Here are some of the proportions that I have done to equate the lengths on GSP

Now that we have all the measurements out there, Let's look at this angle when we kick the ball.

Remember that the theory is that;

If we are further away from the goal posts, we will have a better angle to kick the ball.

If you click the photo below you will be able to see how the angle is changed when moving from the goal line.

Looking at the angle of a kick at 20 yards, we have the angle roughly 9.27 degrees. Then looking at the angle of a kick at forty yards, we have the angle roughly 5.69 degrees....

Thus the announcer that made this comment was unsure of the mathematics.

Maybe he/she meant this for a center kick

Again looking at the angles prove that he/she was incorrect.

I'm not sure why this assumption was made but we have proved that it is incorrect.

If anything in the end know one thing;


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