GSP Script Tools


Lizzy Shaughnessy

Click on a link below to open a GSP file that contains a script tool for the desired object.

1. Centroid

2. Orthocenter

3. Circumcenter

4. Circumcircle

5. Incenter

6. Incircle

7. Medial Triangle

8. Orthocenter, Mid-Segement Triangle

9. Orthic Triangle

10. Pedal Triangle

11. Nine Point Circle and Center

12. Equilateral triangle, given a side

13. Square, given a side

14. Divide segment into 2 parts that form the Golden Ratio

15. Pentagon, given a radius

16. Hexagon, given a side

17. Octagon, given a side

18. Tangent Circles (6 Cases, script tools are at bottom of page)


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