GSP Tools

Sean Johnston


Here is a list of some tools that I created on Geometer's Sketchpad version 5:

Centroid of a Triangle

Circumcenter and Circumcircle of a Triangle

Divide a Line Segment into the Golden Ratio

Equilateral Triangle Given a side

Euler Line of a Triangle

Excircles of a Triangle

Incenter and Incircle of a Triangle

Medial Triangle of a Triangle

Nine Point Circle of a Triangle

Orthic Triangle of a Triangle

Orthocenter of a Triangle

Pedal Triangle of a Triangle and Pedal Point

Regular Decagon Given a Radius

Regular Decagon Given a Side

Regular Dodecagon Given a Side

Regular Hexagon Given a Side

Regular Octagon Given a Side

Regular Pentagon Given a Radius

Regular Pentagon Given a Side

Square Given a Side

Tangent Circles of Two Circles and a Point of Tangency

Trisect a Line Segment