Some Things


Kendyl Wade



          I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Georgia College & State University in May 2013. My hometown is Augusta, GA, and I went to Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School (high school and middle school). I just started the MAT program here at UGA this Fall 2013 semester. I want to teach high school math, specifically at a Fine Arts school. In college my minor was Photography, and I took photos for the school newspaper ("The Colonnade"), and also I worked as the school photographer's assistant. As far as math jobs goes, I've been tutoring since January 2011. I was also a Supplemental Instructor for a Probability and Statistics class for my last two semesters at GCSU. Currently I'm a tutor at the Rankin Smith Athletic Academic Center. Lastly, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, I have a black cat named Khloe, and I love painting my own nails.