Excellent Graphs


By: Carly Cantrell




Can you construct a graph of any function y = f(x) by generating a table of values with the x values in one column and the y values in another? OH YEAH!



The run-down on making excellent graphs:


Creating the domain and range:


1.  In the first column-first row, A1, write x. In the second column-first row, B2, type y.


2.   The x column becomes the domain of the function. To quickly generate the domain, enter the first number in A2 and the second number in A3. Then highlight the two cells and once you get the black cross you can pull down to fill as many entries as you desire.


3.   The y column becomes the outputs.


4.  To enter the desired function, click B2. Then = f(x)


5.   NOTICE where an x variable would go you must type A2.


6.  Then you can drag the B2 cell down to however many entries there are.


Now you have all the data for y = f(x).


To make the actual graph:


1.  Highlight all the data


2.  Insert Chart Scatter Smooth Lined




Here are some examples of functions and their graphs made in excel:


y = 2x

interval: (1,20)



Excel produced a linear graph with a slope of 2 just as it should have.


y = 3x + 2

interval: (0,20)




Excel produced the appropriate linear graph with a slope of 3 and a y-intercept at 2.  



y = x2

interval: (1,20)



Excel produced the correct quadratic function.



y = x2

interval: (-10,10)





y = x3

interval: (-10,10)





y = sin(x)

interval: (1,20)



Excel is even capable of determining and graphing trigonometry functions.




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