GSP Constructions

By: Russell Lawless

Here are a list of different script tools that are available for various geometric objects.These script tools provides an ease for the user to generate the objects listed so that they won't have to spend so much constructing them.

1. Centroid

2. Orthocenter

3. Circumcenter

4. Circumcircle

5. Incircle

6. Incenter

7. Medial Triangle

8. Orthocenter of Medial Triangle

9. Orthic Triangle

10. Nine Point Circle

11. Nine Point Circle Center

12. Equilateral Triangle

13. Square

14. Parallelogram

15. Isoceles Triangle

16. Pedal Triangle

17. Orthocentric System

18. Circle Tangent to 2 Circles

19. Circle created by tracing the center of a circle tangent to 2 circles

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