Excelling in Excel

By Natalie Streiner


In order to construct a graph of a function y=f(x) I simply followed a few basic steps.


I first input x in cell A1 and y in cell B2.

From there I input my x values.

I chose 1 to 29 as my domain.


From there, I then used the f(x) bar to input my function.

I chose to graph the  function y=4x+1.

Note that rather than typing “4x+1” in the f(x), A2 must be used for x as shown below.


Next, I highlighted the B2 to B30, so the function would be applied to those x values.


Then, I highlighted all the data, then clicked InsertąChartąScatterąSmooth Lined Function.

Here is the resulting graph of y=4x+1



I then followed these same steps in order to graph y=6x2






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