About Me... (David Henderson)

I am a mathematics teacher at Central Gwinnett High School in Lawrenceville, GA.  I am currently teaching AP Statistics, Advanced Algebra, and Analytic Geomety.

I am married to my amazing wife Mallory.  I have a daughter, Carly, who is about to turn 26 this May, and a stepson, TJ, who is 17.

I enjoy mathematical discovery and problem solving.  I graduated from the University of Cinciinnati with a B.A. in Mathematics in 1993, and have been teaching since then.

I am currently enrolled in the MEd program here at UGA.

I am much more handsome in person than this picture might indicate.

My hobbies include music (playing piano, guitar, and several other instruments), movies, watching Jeopardy, and doing mathematics in my spare time.

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