Something about me.


I am Merve Nur Kursav who is a graduate student in Mathematics Education Department in the University of Georgia. I am a Fulbright scholar. This international educational exchange is one of the most significant experience in my life. After  I was awarded with the Fulbright scholarship, I have started to walk through my goals in one of the best universities in U.S. In my university, I am participating voluntarily in many different academic and social activities. I am developing a strong foundation in mathematics education with different projects, classes, and activities due to a one of the largest and most respected Mathematics Education Faculty. My experiences here prepare me to be an expert to generate one of the best knowledge in my field. Through my research, teaching, and practice, my goal is to make mathematics more visible by using technology so that students can see and play with some concepts, graphs, shapes, and numbers because technology is at the tip of  their fingers that makes mathematics more accessible for them. My main research interest is to integrate technology into mathematics education.


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