EMAT 6690


This follow-up course to EMAT 4680/6680, as outlined on this web site, and is an extension of EMAT 4680/6680 in at least two senses. First, the course aims to develop more depth with the use of various software applications to engage in mathematics investigations, to organize pedagogical demonstrations, and to set up problem explorations. The emphasis here is on mathematical investigations through the presentation of essays. Second, it emphasizes the development of units of material (e.g. sequences of lessons) that might be used with secondary school students.


The students use application software owned by the Department of Mathematics Education and carry out the course using primarily MacIntosh computers. The emphasis is on exploration of various mathematics contexts to learn mathematics, to pose problems and problem extensions, to solve problems, and to communicate mathematical demonstrations.

(The above information was extracted from Dr. Jim WilsonÕs webpage at the University of Georgia.)


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Click here to view some geometry concepts my students have investigated using GSP.


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