Carrie Dillman

My hometown is Dayton, Ohio. Yes, I say pop. Cow tipping, never personally, but admittedly I know some folks who have. Fall is an unbelieveable season in Ohio. Not just because of the football, but also the smell in the air, the colors in the trees, and you get to put your jeans and sweatshirts on and chill. As far as football, I love the Ohio State Buckeyes and Coach Jim Tressel rocks. Hands down, he is the best coach since Woody Hayes, RIP.

I blew that popcicle stand in 1995 and moved to Atlanta, GA to establish residency and gain acceptance to the University of Georgia. People always ask me what brought me to Georgia. In response I always tell about that cold, snowy, February day in Ohio when I drove down to Athens to visit the University. I think every mile closer we came to Georgia, the temperature increased a degree. It was 65 degrees outside and not a cloud in sight. I was instantly sold.

Here I go again. Round 2 at UGA. As an undergraduate, I double majored in Journalism, with a focus on newspapers, and Sociology. These days I am working towards an M.Ed in Math Education and initial certification in grades 6-12.

Post graduation, I plan to move to New York City and teach in the public school system. Why New York? I know, your thinking it's cold. The people are rude. It's so expensive. The diversity excites me. There are opportunities abound if you are willing to work for them. And it's just the greatest city in the United States.

One thing I love to do but rarely have enough time or money for is photography. I would like to be able to incorporate photography into my classroom whenever possible. Check out the model of depth of field I constructed using GSP. For more information regarding the concept of depth of field and my model, see my write-up. Much thanks to Dr. Larry Hatfield for allowing me to use his construction of a pinhole camera.

Just a fun fact about me. I swam for the Dayton Aquanymphs, which was (I don't know if it still is) a synchronized swimming team, in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Don't let anyone tell you it's not a sport and doesn't belong in the Olympics!