Megan McLemoreÕs Very Brief Bio


Originally from Miami, Florida, my family moved to Athens, Georgia when I was thirteen. Although I have, on occasion, tried to get away, something keeps drawing me back. IÕm not sure whether itÕs the ginkos, the dogwoods, or the Grit. HmmmÉ Ok. I canÕt think about it any longer. IÕm getting hungry!


When IÕm not eating my collards at the Grit, you can find me playing bridge at the local duplicate club with my extraordinary partner, Patrick. Although weÕre both busy this summer, weÕre planning to head out to nationals in Nashville this July. Wish us luck!


When IÕm not playing bridge, you can usually catch me at home studying, cooking, or chatting on the phone with my incredibly cool, brilliant, talented sister, Shannon. An actor in L.A., sheÕs busy looking for her big break. Sometimes I long to return to our little apartment in Dallas to throw just one more of our fabulous dinner parties—Raymond Generations Cab, Jarvis Cab, Shaffer Chardonnay, not to mention the caesar salad, filet with a wine reduction sauce, poached pears, truffles, little cheese thingies É Need I say more?


These days, I donÕt have much time for such lovely diversions; my five classes this summer are keeping my head to the grindstone. IÕm looking forward to July 4, when one of them will end, hoping thatÕll give me a chance to take a breather and get caught up in some of my other work. So those of you whom IÕve promised to invite over for dinner and bridge—you know who you are—I havenÕt forgotten! WeÕll have you over just as soon as I have the time to think about the menu! And the wine, of course!