GSP Scripts

By Joshua Singer


Here are some GSP script tools that you may find helpful. Check out the list and then click on the link below to explore them.

1. Centroid

2. Orthocenter

3. Circumcenter

4. Circumcircle

5. Incenter

6. Incircle

7. Medial Triangle

8. Orthocenter, Mid-Segment Triangle

9. Orthic Triangle

10. Pedal Triangle

11. Center of Nine Point Circle

12. Nine Point Circle

13. Trisecting a Line Segment

14. Equilateral Triangle, Given a Side

15. Square, Given a Side

16. Isoceles Triangle, Given Base and Altitude

17. Triangle Centers

18. Triangle Centers with Euler Line

19. Locus of Vertex of Fixed Angle the Subtends Fixed Segment

20. Divide Segment into Two Parts that form Golden Ratio

21. Pentagon, Given a Radius

22. Pentagon, Given a Side

23. Hexagon, Given a Side

24. Octagon, Given a Side

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