Assignment 1

Jonathan Beal

Exponential Function

In this assignment we are going to be looking at the exponential function. This function is used for many application pertaining to real life situations.

ae^bx+c ( the exponential function) can be used to find the growth of population over a span of time. It can be used to measured the decay or depletion of a mineral or organism. Also, I measured the growth of my stocks and mutual funds using this function. I can figure out how much my house is going to be worth when I go to sell it.

Here is a graph of the function.


Let's look at some observations regarding this graph.

1) Notice how steep the graph is increasing. This function can grow extremely fast.

2) The graph begins behind the origin.

3) The graph has a limit at about 5.5. We'll explore more of this in a minute.


When we manipulate the variables a, b, and c, we can see some more characteristics of this function.




This is a powerful tool to have in measuring many different financial and statistical problems.

Good Luck!

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