Biography of Jonathan Beal


On the hot summer days, near a swamp, in the quietest areas of south Georgia, Jonathan learned to read, write and add. He counted frogs and lily pads, stars and trees, and blackberries and chicken eggs. Jonathan told stories about the frogs living in the trees eating blackberries. Then one day, summer ended. The truant officer ended Jonathan's hikes through the forest.

Jonathan began long days under flourescent light bulbs. Teachers demanded, "Remain in your seat" or "stop talking nonsense." So Jonathan stopped exploring and stopped telling stories. Students leered, "Stop trying to act smart." So he stopped answering questions correctly.

Many years later, Jonathan had finished school and was living in a small town in the middle of a desert. He awoke one morning; his head was clear for the first time in awhile. Jonathan stretched and twisted his body, then he jumped on the computer and got to work.

Then he moved back to Georgia.

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