Instructional Unit: Triangle Centers and Triangle Congruency

By: Krista Floer

Aligns with the standards for Math 1. Microsoft Word and GSP are needed to open the files on this page.

Triangle Centers
Triangle Congruence

Day 1: Develop definitions for centers of triangles.

Hand out the rubric for the Cell Tower project.

Day 2: Handout the worksheet for the Cell Tower project & discuss

Go over Incenter and Centroid in the GSP file.

Day 3: Go over Circumcenter and Orthocenter in the GSP file.

Day 4: Class time devoted to groups working on Cell Tower project.

Day 5: Class Presentations on Cell Tower project.

Day 6: Develop definition of congruence.

Go over Side-Side-Side, Side-Angle-Side, and Side-Side-Angle

Day 7: Go over Angle-Side-Angle and Angle-Angle-Side in GSP

Day 8: Go over Hypotneuse-Leg in GSP

Day 9: Review Day for test tomorrow

Day 10: Test over Triangle Centers and Congruence