Math Can Be Fun!

Math can be fun! If you make it fun!

How can math be fun?

In one of my last mathematics classes as an undergraduate student, marmots made a grand appearance. Mathematical Modeling, Mat 210 at Davidson College, examines the path a marmot could take in its habitat. What are the likelihoods of different paths, where will it end up? The lake, the forest, the rocks, the road, the marsh, etc.

Maybe a marmot doesn't sound that interesting, but it can be interesting. Do you even know what a marmot is?

Here's a visual introduction to marmots.

The Marmot:

Marmots can pounce at any moment:

They look relaxed:

But they are vicious!

Be afraid!

Don't be fooled by the love they may seem to exhibit:

Actually, is that love or hate above?


Bottom line: They will steal your food and eat it!




The marmot has its own wikipedia page:



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