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A tutorial for EMAT 6680

Assignment 1:

Explaining Graphical Representations

Assignment 2:

Parabolic Behavior

 Assignment 3:

Locus of a vertex

 Assignment 4:

Triangle Centers

Assignment 5:

Script Tools

Assignment 6:

The mathematics of field goal kicking

Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles

Assignment 8:

Altitudes & Orthocenters

Assignment 9:

Pedal Triangles

Assignment 10:

Parametric Equations

 Assignment 11:

Polar Coodinates

 Assignment 12:

Maximizing Volume Using Spreadsheets


Final Assignment: Bouncing Barney

Final Assignment: Using Spreadsheets to Formulate Conjectures

EMAT 6000 Fall 2009. Materials for Math 2.

For my semester project, I decided to collect and create a set of Math 2 Resources that can be used by anyone teaching a Math 2 class. I have organized my material by unit.

Unit 1 – Quadratics

1. Handout - Derivation of the formula used to find the vertex of a parabola written in standard form.

2. In-class group Activity – Jeopardy Game that reviews many of the topics and much of the vocabulary taught within this unit.

Unit 2 – Right Triangles

3. Handout – Understanding why similarity lies at the heart of right triangle trigonometry

Unit 3 – Circles & Spheres

4. Culminating Project – A four-part project that requires students to complete application problems for various topics in Units 1 - 3. Grading Rubric and project guidelines are included.



Grading Rubric

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