Biographical Statement


My name is Valerie Russell and this is my last semester at the University of Georgia. I thought this would be a hard course and dreaded taking it. I'm being challenged quite frankly enjoying it! I'm receiving lots of help and get more excited every day about designing my web page. If I can do it anyone can!

I have been teaching Mathematics for 20 years and there has never been a dull moment. Your classroom is what you make it. Keep it exciting and show that you care. There are times when I've had to remove a student from the class. I've learned not to let it get me down. Some students will have to get off the bus along the way at Lazy Street, Sleep Street, Disrespectful Street, or Unruly Street so as not to destroy the focus of others who want to reach their destination to Successful Street. With lots of encouragement as they make their mistakes along the way, you students will certainly enjoy the ride. Have fun teahing!

I like to sew and have made several quilts in the past year. Two of the quilts, "A Change is Going to Come", and "The 3 O'clock Call," tell of the promises President Barack Obama made while campaigning. They are hanging in the Museum of African Amerucan History in Alabama. I am also a pastry chef in my spare time. Since I started the Master's degree program I have not catered as many affairs as I used to. I have three children whom are the joy of my life. I love to travel and have visited Dubai in the Middle East, Jamaica, Honduras, and the Caymen Islands in the Carribean. My favorite place is Las Vegas. I plan to take an Alaskan cruise next summer along with one to Mexico in celebration of my mothers' 75th birthday.

As you read through my web page I hope the explanations of the work will be clear enough for you to understand. I hope you will have as much fun exploring the pages as I did creating them. Enjoy!

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