Valerie Russell and Tracie Hawkins

This Is It!

Singer and songwriter Michael Jackson touched the souls of his audience. He was no ordinary recording artist. He was also a dancer, musician, and philantropist. After his death June 25, 2009, we made a quilt to honor him.

We felt his talent was somewhat triangular in nature in that his music touched the body through his many dance routines, the soul through his songs, and the spirit through his giving to children and various organizations.

These triangular patterns were sewn together to create nine different quilt blocks. Centered in each block is an embroidered silhouette of some of his well known dance moves. The fabic with clock designs was used to represent the song sung at his funeral, "Gone Too Soon." The bordering fabric depicts Michael's whimsical or unpredictable nature. The back of the quilt was made by cutting rectangles across the diagonal to make traingles. Two different musical patterns were used and sewn in alternating designs creating a pinwheel look which is also seen behind the hat and glove in the center.