Valerie Russell

Unit 3 Circles

By Nour Burjak, Grace Byrne, Jacob Cona,

Antanay Goode, and Maria Orlando


Our group made a quilt based on the circles unit.We used 12 patterns of red, orange, and yellow cut into rectangular strips to sew together. We knew we needed to cut these strips to be 1 inch long. Once sewn we made a tube by sewing the ends together. We then ripped consecutive seams ensuring that the pattern was followed.

We cut these sections of fabric into trapezoids to make a circle on the white background. We found directions for making a spiral on a much larger scale so we had to greatly alter the measurements to create a spiral on a much smaller scale. We measured 10 degree angles using a protractor before creating the trapezoids. The legs of the trapezoids represent the radii of the circle. We sewed isosceles triangles together to create the frame for the quilt. We used two black and white fabrics with circular designs. The isosceles triangles with the black background has concentric circles. We added a gray square to each corner.