Valerie Russell

Unit 3 Circles

By Carver Goodhue, Katie Googe, and Ansiman Mishra

Coming up with this design was relatively easy once we knew what we were focusing on. We created our own circle pattern by tying a string onto the end of a pencil to make a compass. We tried to find fabric with circle patterns to keep in sync with the theme. Our most difficult moment was trying to sew around the circle. We had to take our stiches out several times and sew around the circle again.

Our quilt design shows several things, a circle inscribed within a square, sectors, a radius intersecting a line forming a right angle at the point of tangency, and arc length. It should be easy for anyone to measure the radius (6 inches) and find the area of the circle, sector, and arc length.

Now completed, we are pleased with our quilt. Getting precise measurements can be difficult. You can't just look at a piesce of fabric and cut. To get the most area your pattern should be placed strategically onto the fabric. Folding on a line of symmetry was very helpful. It not only saved time but made measuring easier.