Valerie Russell

Unit 1 Linear Functions

By Margaret Songster, Malika Thompson, Sarah Hoyt, Natasha Cline


When we started this quilt project, we all agreed on Unit 1. We designed the quilt to resemble a coordinate plane. Each quadrant represents a differnet type of line we discussed in class.

Linear functions are somewhat easy and we wanted to make connections between what we learned in 8th grade to what we learned in 9th. We also wanted to do some work on the computer thinking it would make the design of the quilt easier. We ran into obstacles when strings from the fabric got caught in the printer. It ruined the printer but we were able to get what we wanted. It is important to know that horizontal lines have the equation y = some constant and it has a slope of zero. Vertical lines have the equation x = some constant and the slope is undefined. We worked with translations of the parent graph y = x. We also learned that this function is called the identity function because if a graph is reflected across this line, it creates the inverse of the function. The line y = -x is the reflection of y = x across the x axis.