Valerie Russell

Unit 2

Pascal's Triangle

By Shari Amour, Harrison Boza, Bethany Bradley, Sarah Landers, Gabriella Noriega, Dory MacMillan

We all agreed to illustrate Pascal's Triangle.Pascal's triangle helped us to find the coefficients of each term when expanding polynomials. Each row represents the coefficients of a binomial expression (x + y) raised to a power. We learned that the number of terms is always one more than the exponent. The first and last terms have a coefficient of 1. The second and next to the last term have coffiecients with values the same as the power of the binomial. Each row is made from the sum of the two numbers above it in the previous row. The numbers in each row are also symmetrical. We found something interesting about the patterns. The sum of each row is 2 raised to a power.