Valerie Russell

Unit 4 Probability & Statistics Quilt


Kyle Fox, Joshua Jones, Matthew Webb, & Paul Weinrich

We decided to choose Unit 4 as our quilt project. We thought this unit wouldn't be that hard to animate into objects to place on our quilt. As a group, we decided on a few things beforehand. We thought Ms. Russell wanted us to write a creative story to go with the quilt so Kyle was assigned to do the writing. We later found out that he was not the best creative writer.

We decided that out quilt would be a combination of random objects. We figured a bag of marbles would be the most recognizable icon of probability. A bag wouldn't be that hard to create; we decided to try and be sneaky and make a square bag. We would have smalll balls of different colors , an easy probability representation. We also used other simple probability icons, a spinner and a set of cards, which would be relatively easy to make. We cut out fourths of a circle in different colors for the spinner.

Combinations and permutations were a small spot on our quilt. We placed a 'P' and a 'C' on the bottom left corner of our quilt. At the time, we were trying to figure out how we would represent the small aspects of the quilt since those would be hard to sew on. We decided to see if the fabric shop would have any fabrics with large playing cards on them. They didn't. They did have small playing cards on black fabric that we decided to use as our border. Paul found fabric markers at the fabric store. This solved our problem with small objects.

The other objects on our quilt had to do with summaries. We had a sheet of paper with sampling methods, an example of how to find the median, a box and whisker plot, and numbers representing permutation and combination expressions.

Sewing the objects was not the hardest part. Waiting to cut the the parts was. We seldom ever got the chance to cut any of our objeccts and on the occasion we did, we didn't get to cut a lot. I'm sure that the other groups felt the same way. A few problems that we ran into were our not having the right fabric for the background and the bag for the marbles. We hadn't purchased fabric for the background and after talking to Ms. Russell, she assured us she would find a fabric that would blend well with our colors. We relied on her to give us the background fabric. This set us back a bit.

Overall, it took a while to actually get on track, and the quilt looks well.