Valerie Russell

Unit 6

Sigma Notation

By Tucker Crumpton, Matthew Dellaria, Max Germain, and Denzel Maxey


We chose Unit 6 for our quilt project and created a design that shows how to find the sum of a geometric series. The expression formed by adding the terms of a geormetric sequence is called a geometric series. The symbol Sigma in the center of the quilt represents the sum of a series of numbers.

We started with a large piece of presentation paper on which we had to draw our design. We used a 3 inch border then worked inside to make the symbol. In order to keep it simple we wanted to find the sum of the first four numbers in a goemetric series using 5 raised to the n-1 as the rule. We also decided to use the school colors, red and yellow.

Since we add all the numbers in a geometric series we put plus signs in each corner. We wrote the numbes in black marker which we quicky found out was not the right thing to do. The marker faded into the fabric. Covering our mistake in fabric paint saved the day. We used what we learned about symmetry to make the sigma symbol by folding our fabric and pattern in half and placing half the pattern along the fold line. We had to cut the white sigma symbol 1/4 inch larger around the perimeter. We were able to use a cutting board and a rolling cutter which made our measurements more precise.