Valerie Russell

Geometrical Flower Garden

By: Taylor Ford, Adara Simmons, and Yuwei Pan

Our project "Flower Garden" gets its name from the black and white flowers inside the border fence. The black and white border is the fence that protects the garden. We used a variety of shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms. We also used diamonds, one hexagon, and one octagon. Each of the black and white squares has 1/4 " spaces between them. The black and white flowers are 1 1/2" from the border. Each of the flowers along with 8 squares makes the shape of the octagon. Each flower has a black or white square with purple triangles placed inside. The parallelograms have a 1/4 " space between them. The spacing allowed us to create a star in the middle of the board. The green squares are placed 1/4 " from the right of each paralleogram. They are rotated to give the appearance of diamonds between the parallelograms. The green squares touch the left side of the parallelogram and rectangle. All the rectangles are used to place a border outside the star with squares. Each rectangle is touching the corners of the parallelograms. It forms a flower in the middle of the board. We have a variety of triangles. Purple triangles are placed in the corners of the black and white border. The large red and beige triangles are made to look like a diamond 1" from the border. The smaller red and beige triangles are used to make a square with a slight tilt and placed 1 1/4" from the border. On the inside of each of those, we placed a black square on the inside to show a perfect square.