Valerie Russell

The Windy City

By Antonio and Austin Johnson, Xavier Echols, Tamarcus Baker



In Our project that we call "The Windy City" we used multiple shapes such as squares, rectangles, rhombi, and triangles. First for the triangles we had to cut two perpendicular bisectors in order to make congruent right triangles.The colors of the tiles have numerous meanings related to Chicago. The white tile represents the white snow that falls in Chicago. The various shades of blue represent one of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. The browns and tan colored tiles represent the land and various terrains in the state of Illionis. The units of measurements used is inches and centimeters. We also used the Pythagorean Theorem and the equation for finding the interior and exterior angles of polygons (n-2)180. While making the designs we learned that the measurements have to be very precise. Modeling the design on grid paper first helped us to visualize the end result we were reaching for.