Assignment 6


Amanda Newton


Problem: The football rules in college football were changed a few years ago have made the uprights 5 feet narrower than previously. Many game commentators have harped about how much harder it is to kick field goals from the hash marks. Assume the field goal is attempted from the hash makes. At what yard marker does the kicker have maximum angle to the two uprights. Note: You will need to find out the width of the uprights and the width of the hash marks...make a sketchpad model. Is there any merit to some commentators argument to take a penalty in order to have a "better angle" on the field goal kick?

Let's figure out if this debate has any merit. First we need to know the width of the uprights, hash marks, and field. They can be found in numerous ways, but I found the information here.

The measurements are as follows:


Width of uprights: 18 feet 6 inches

Width of hash marks: 40 feet

Width of field: 160 feet


-due to changes in server, work done after July 7 was misplaced and cannot be found at the current time