Assignment 10: Parametric Curves

Dasha Adushkina



Welcome to parametric equations and their curves!

We are given five distinct equations and our task is to see how their graphs change when the variables inside the equation are changed.

One method would be to look at all of the equations simultaenously and interpret them in this manner. A drawback to this method is that the many graphgs in one graph make it difficult to distinguish unique characteristics.



Instead, let us look at each equation individually and see how it behaves. Notice that the variable k is present in all of the equations and it is the variable that is used to show the changes in the graph.

We start with the equation on the bottom and work our way up.











Findings: What is consistent for all five equations is that the variation of k increases the number of leaves (stems) of the graph.



Finally, this is a demonstration of all five equations varied by k.



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