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Allison M. McNeece

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My work for EMAT 6680


 Assignment 1:

Graphs and Relations

Assignment 2:

Explorations of Second Degree Equations

 Assignment 3:

Quadratic Equations

 Assignment 4:

9 point circle

 Assignment 5:

Definition, Constructions and Tools

 Assignment 6:

Find X,Y such that AX=XY=YC

 Assignment 7:

Kissing Circles

 Assignment 8:

Altitudes and Orthocenters

 Assignment 9:

Pedal Triangles

 Assignment 10:

parametric equations

 Assignment 11:

nth leaf rose

 Assignment 12:

Fibonnaci Sequence in EXCEL



Final Assignment

Some links I like.

Vi Hart - self proclaimed mathemusician who explores mathematics through doodles, music, umbrella constuction and everything else that is awesome

Kill Math - looking at mathematics visually

xkcd - a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

cuteoverload - because sometimes you need it



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