Assignment 5: Creating GSP Script Tools

Presented by: Amanda Oudi

Here is a list of script tools to be used in Geometer's SketchPad. Note that GSP tends to change the labeling each time the tool is used.

1 - 4. Triangle Centers

5. Euler Line (with triangle centers)

6. Circumcircle

7. Incircle

8. Nine Point Circle (with center)

9. Medial Triangle

10. Orthocenter, mid-segment triangle

11. Orthic Triangle

12. Pedal Triangle

13. Trisecting a line segment

14. Divide segment AB to form the Golden Ratio

15. Equilateral triangle, given a side

16. Square, given a side

17. Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude

18. Pentagon, given a radius

19. Pentagon, given a side

20. Hexgon, given a side

21. Octagon, given a side



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