10 FACTS About Olamide
Hey Everyone!
Thank you for taking the time to check out my EMAT 6680 page. I’m going to try and make this brief.
20 Interesting Facts About Me….here goes…



I was born and raised in the Metro Atlanta area.

I attend THE Spelman College and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

I am full blooded Nigerian

I am currently working towards obtaining a Masters of Art in Teaching in Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia…which would explain why I’m enrolled in EMAT 6680…at the University of Georgia.

I plan to move to Washington D.C in the near future.

I’m obsessed music, painting and drawing, and frequent art museums and exhibits.

My goal is to ensure that the kids I teach are not afraid of Mathematics. They don’t have to love the subject, but I want to ensure that they know they are capable of understanding Math.

I’m probably the only person in my class who does NOT own a Macbook or an Iphone.

I’ve worked at Delta Global Staffing (A subsidiary of Delta Airlines), An Accounting Firm, A Law Firm contracted under Department of Family and Children Services, and a Hair Salon. At one point in time I worked at the 3 out 4 positions at once.

I hope to own a non-profit organization geared towards youth in the inner city. The goal is shows kids the relationship between art and mathematics and expose students to career options in both fields.