Create GSP Script Tools

by Venessa Brown

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Orthocenter, Midsegment Triangle

Trisecting a line segment
Orthic Triangle
Equilateral triangle, given a side
Triangle Centers with Euler Line
Pedal Triangle
Square, given a side
Divide a segment AB into two parts that form a golden ratio
Center of Nine Point Cirlce
Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude
Pentagon, given a side
Nine Point Cirle
Pentagon, given a radius
Hexagon, given a side
Medial Triangle
Triangle Centers (H, G, C, I
Locus of vertex of a fixed angle that subtends a fixed segment
Octagon, given a side


Assignment 9: Pedal Triangle

Rhombus Tools:

Rhombus construction given one side and one angle.

Rhombus construction given one angle and a diagonal.

Rhombus construction given the altitude and one diagonal.


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