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A tutorial for EMAT 6680


Assignment 1:

Finding Two Linear Functions Such that Their Product is Tangent to Each Linear Function at Two Distinct Points

Assignment 2:

Investigating the Relationship between the Two Standard Forms of the Graph of a Parabola

Assignment 3:

Exploring the Graphs of the Equations x2 + bx + c = 0 in the Plane xb for Various Values of c

Assignment 4:

Investigating the Perpendicular Bisectors of a Triangle Algebraically

Assignment 5:

GPS Script Tools

Assignment 6:

Investigating the Relationship between the Area of a Triangle and the Area of the Triangle formed by its Medians

Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles

Assignment 8:

Investigating Ratios Created by the Orthocenter, Altitudes, and Sides of a Triangle

Assignment 9:

Exploring the Conditions in which the Vertices of a Pedal Triangle are Collinear

Assignment 10:

Investigating Parametric Equations and Magnitudes of Line Segments

Assignment 11:

Investigating Polar Equations of the Form r = a + b cos (kθ)

Assignment 12:

Investigating Parametric Equations Using Spreadsheets


Final Assignment

EMAT 6690

Essay #1 Inscribed Circles of a Semicircle

Essay #2 Area of Overlapping Circles


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