Assignment 5

Creating and Using GSP Script Tools

Nicolina Scarpelli

Below is a list of many GSP Script Tool links that you may find very useful while using Geometer's Sketchpad. The creation of a library of GSP script tools for doing constructions you might use several times is an efficient way to organize and store your work. Using a script tool to construct the Orthocenter of a triangle multiple times is a lot easier than repeating the construction of an orthocenter from scratch several times.







Medial Triangle

Orthocenter, Mid - Segment Triangle

Orthic Triangle

Pedal Triangle

Center of Nine Point Circle

Nine Point Circle

Trisecting a Line Segment

Equilateral Triangle, given a side

Square, given a side

Isosceles Triangle, given base and altitude

Triangle Centers (H,G,C, and I)

Triangle Centers with Euler Line

Locus of Vertex of a Fixed Angle that Subtends a Fixed Segment

Divide a Segment AB into two parts that form a golden ratio

Pentagon, given a radius

Pentagon, given a side

Hexagon, given a side

Octagon, given a side

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