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EMAT 6680 Write-ups

Below are links to various write-ups I have done for my EMAT 6680 course. A basic topic is listed for each one. It is my intention to design each write-up as a potential tool for my teaching peers. Many of these exercises will be used in my classroom once I am a teacher and will hopefully be used in the classrooms of my peers. Please take a look at each one and use them as you see fit in your own classroom.

Write-up #1: A look at Amplitude, Period, and Phase Shift

Write-up #2: A look at y=ax^2 + bx + c and how the variables effect the graph

Write-up #3: Some different ways to examine ax^2 + bx + c

Write-up #4: The Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP)

Write-up #5: GSP Library--A list of GSP scripts

Write-up #6: A Football Kicker's Problem

Write-up #7: Tangent Circles

Write-up #8: Altitudes and Orthocenters

Write-up #9: Pedal Triangle and the Simson Line

Write-up #10: A Look at Parametric Equations

Write-up #11: A Look at Polar Equations

Write-up #12: Sequences and Spreadsheets



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