Instructional Unit : Transformations and Symmetry Group

by Jongsuk Keum


This unit covers basic concepts of Transformations and Isometries through exploration with using GSP.

Day 1

Exploring Transformations with GSP

Day 2

Geometric Definitions of Translation, Rotation, and Reflection

Day 3

How to Duplicate the GSP Transform menu items Reflect, Rotate, and Translate using only the GSP Construct menu.

Day 4

Isometry and Isometry Game

Day 5

Products of Isometries

Day 6

The Theory of Isometries and Coordinate Formulas for Isometries

Day 7

Symmetry Patterns in the Plane and Symmetry Group 

Day 8

Make  Figures with 7 types of Strip Pattern Symmetry

Day 9


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