Well the title of this page asks a question that I may never be able to completely answer, but the contents of this page will hopefully offer some insight for visitors, as well as for myself.

Currently I am a doctoral student in the Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia. I have been enrolled for nearly two years now and am ever impressed with the faculty in the College of Education and my fellow graduate students. I am pleased to be surrounded by so many exceptional individuals.

As a graduate assistant I have the opportunity for many learning opportunities. It would seem obvious that the courses I have taken would be experiences that would aid in my learning about the field in which I hope to have a career. Also, my assistantship duties have allowed for some excellent possibilities to learn more about mathematics education from a variety of excellent resources.

My first biographical sketch when arriving at UGA in August 2000

I am a first year graduate student at the University of Georgia. For the last five and a half years I was a teacher in the public schools of North Carolina. I taught mostly eighth grade math, but last year, '99-'00, I may have learned more than any other while teaching 'remedial' reading to children in sixth through eighth grades. My years teaching were happy ones, but I feel a new sense of excitement and happiness to be a part of the mathematics education program. I plan to pursue a Masters of Education and then continue working to earn a PhD.

I have just moved here from the mountains of North Carolina, where I have lived my entire memorable life.

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