Instructional Unit: Grouping of Two-Dimensional Shapes
By: Tim Lehman

The following unit is intended for a geometry class studying two-dimensional shapes. Students are assumed to have an understanding of Geometer's Sketchpad and constructions.

Most of the lessons use technology in some form. However, many could be accomplished if it is not available. For example, the exercises of lesson 2 may be completed using graph paper instead of GSP. The lessons are divided where I saw natural divisions, not to fill a single period. Depending on class period length and the depth the instructor wanted to study each topic, lessons may be stretched over several days or combined to fill one day.

Lesson 1: Introducing two-dimensional shapes and terms

Lesson 2: Similarity and congruence

Lesson 3: Perimeter and circumference

Lesson 4: Introduction of area

Lesson 5: Pythagorean Theorem

Lesson 6: Area of regular polygons

Lesson 7: Area of circles

Lesson 8: Contextual Teaching and Learning in: Working at a golf course