EMAT 6700

by Brad Simmons

Curve Stitching

Use geometer's sketchpad to make curved designs using line segments.

The figure below is a star shaped design. It appears to contain curves.  However, it is made up entirely of line segments.

To begin the star design, make a 60 degree angle. Mark eight equally spaced points on each ray.  Label the points A through H as shown below. Now connect each pair of points that have the same letter. 

For a geometer's sketchpad sketch of the figure above please click here

To make a complete star, make the same design in six 60 degree angles that have a common central vertex.

1. Make a complete star like the one shown in the first figure above.

Click here for a sketch of the completed star.

The logo for Stephens County High School is a diamond SC.  

2.  Make a diamond design.

3.  Make your own design.  You may use several angles and the angles may overlap.