MATH 7210 : Foundations of Geometry II

University of Georgia, Spring 2001

Dr. McCrory, Instructor

Types of Architectural Symmetry:

Examples Found in Athens, GA

Bilateral Symmetry

 The Arch, Broad Street


Chapel, North Campus 

 County Courthouse, Washington Street



Rotational and Reflectional Symmetry

 North Campus


Cylindrical Symmetry

 City Hall, Washington Street

 Presbyterian Church, W. Hancock Avenue



Chiral Symmetry

Boggs and Church Residence Halls, Lumpkin Street



Similarity Symmetry

 Methodist Student Center, Lumpkin Street

 Lumpkin Street



Translational Symmetry

 First American Bank, College Avenue


 Baldwin Hall, Jackson Street

 The Georgian Hotel, Washington Street



Spherical Symmetry

 Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, Pinecrest Street


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