MATH 7210 : Foundations of Geometry II

University of Georgia, Spring 2001

Dr. McCrory, Instructor

Chiral Symmetry

In chiral symmetry, there is a mirror between two separate objects. This places emphasis on the center between the objects.

Resource: Williams, Kim (1998). Symmetry in Architecture. (

Example 1: Petronas Towers

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Architect: Cesar Pelli

Building Type: Skyscraper, commercial office towers

Symmetry: There is a vertical mirror between the two towers.

Resource: (

Example 2: Puerta de Europa

Location: Madrid, Spain

Architects: Philip Johnson and John Burgee

Building Type: Office buildings

Symmetry: There is a vertical mirror between the two buildings.

Resource: (

Example 3: Piazza of Saint Peter's

Location: Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Architect: Bernini

Building Type: Piazza, outdoor plaza, open urban space

Symmetry: There is a horizontal mirror between the two structures.

Resource: (

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