MAT 320 Trigonometry Course Syllabus

Course Description: This course is a comprehensive study of real and complex numbers, relations, algebraic functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and an introduction to trigonometric functions and their applications.

Course Requirements: The requirements are attending class regularly, bringing materials (such as textbook, pencil, paper, and calculator) to class daily, returning forms sent home, participating in class discussions, and completing each daily assignment. The replacement cost for a damaged or lost textbook is $62.

Grading Procedures: The final grade will result from the average of the first and second nine weeks average. These averages are computed from three components and weighted as follows:

50%----Chapter Tests, Projects, Notebook Checks

30%----Daily Work, Quizzes, homework, worksheets, Small Group Activities

20%----Comprehensive Nine Weeks Exam / Comprehensive Final Exam


Homework will be checked for completeness and/or accuracy. All work must be shown with the corresponding problem for full credit to be received. All work must be your own to receive credit, unless it is a group activity.

Tutoring: I will be available for tutoring any time before school or after school. However, you must schedule a time with me when you need tutoring.

Voice Mail Number: 376

Homework Hotline Number: 276