Department of Mathematics Educations
EMAT 6990
by Jan White

        I have been working for Instructional Support Services at Georgia Perimeter College for the past few years and one of my jobs has been to develope a web page where students can submit math and science questions on line, get handouts and look at previouly answered questions.
        The first web page I developed and still used by some of the other campuses had a main page with all the links to everything on the site on that first page.  As you can see it is quite cluttered (

        I was asked to developed another web page for the Lawrenceville campus ( that would be less cluttered and easier for the student to find the information that he/she was looking for.  The web site includes everything the previous site included and more.  As you can see below, the page is more accessable, less cluttered and more personal in nature.  In order to keep track of what was need and where pages would go a simple flow chart was needed.


        In developing the web site there were restrictions on the college logos I could use as well as any changes made to them.  While most of the handouts were already saved as word files they all had to be

renamed without spaces and special characters and saved as pdf files which can be viewed on the Web.  Pages such as these as well as the archived questions pages needed to be developed with the idea that they could be easily expanded in the future.  See the Handouts File below

        From the beginning one of the problems was how questions would be answered.  Using programs like Word and Respondus for equations took a fair amount of time to type up.  Limited to ten minutes to answer a question, this was not going to work very well.  A program called "Mimio" ( looked very promising.  This programs alows you to write on a white board with regular dry erase markers and the image is captured on the computer.  The file can be saved as an html file and sent to the student as well as being uploaded to the Archived Qestions folder on the web site.  There was some time needed in training tutors on how the program works but not much. Tutors have needed to learn how much information is appropriate for the student to get a full understanding of the answer.  The tutor needs to be able to go from college algebra to Calculus 2 realizing how much the student knows and needs to know in order for the online experience to be a good one.  This has proved however to be a very quick way of answering questions and when the question is a particularly good one an easy way to post it on the web site.  An added attraction is that streaming videos can be made using "Mimio" as well.  This means a student can hear and see his/her question being answered.

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