Jan H. White

I graduated, too many years ago to remember, with a B.S. in Music Education from Boston Conservatory of Music/Plymouth State College. I continued my studies and received my Masters in Piano Performance from Ithaca College in 1977. I have performed in many halls throughout New England and Georgia, including Carnegie Hall in NY and The Fox in Atlanta. I was the Director of the Atlanta School of Music for 12 years where my duties included teaching piano, theory and conducting the Big Band. I have been a private piano teacher for another 12 years.

So, what am I doing in the graduate school pursuing a degree in Math Ed.? There seems to be some connection between math and music. I think it has something to do with symbols that take on large complex ideas in both music and math. I have always enjoyed math and when my two sons would need help in HS math it was easy for me to help them and push them along (they are both students at UGA now, one in the CPA program and the other a History major). I then took all the math courses that Georgia Perimeter College had to offer and here I am.