EMAT 6680 Assignment #11

Polar Equations

By Kent Wiginton

In this assignment we will explore Polar Equations using Graphing Calculator 3.0. We will be exploring the following equation:

First let's vary a and watch what happens to the graph.

Click here for an animation.

Now let's look at varing b.

Click here for an animation of the graph as b varies.

We have one more item that we want to vary. Let's watch as theta varies.

This graph is a bit more interesting than the others.

Click here to see a cool animation of theta varing.

Some textbooks call this the n-leaf rose when a and b are equal. If you notice in the animation when n is an integer it tells how many pedals there are.

For n=1For n=2

For n=3For n=5


Let's look at a different variation of the original graph. What if a and b were not equal and we varied theta? Let a = 0 and b stay constant and theta will vary.

Take a look at the animation of this equation: .

These are just a few different variations our original equation. See what you can discover.